1. Tomorrow
  2. Time To Go
  3. Road To Nowhere
  4. Life Is A Song
  5. Lies

Lead Vocals Suzy Wilson
Guitars Norman Matthew
Bass Norman Mathew*
Drums Matt Starr*
*except Joe Vitale Keyboards, Bass and Drums on Road to Nowhere


Recorded at The Sound Foundation in Dallas, Texas
Engineered and Produced by Norman Matthew
Mixed by Chris Dawson at Aphotic Studios
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet
Logo and EP artwork by Jamie Aranda at Positive Design Company
Photography by Suzanne Allison

© Copyright 2019 Suzy Wilson/Norman Matthew All Rights Reserved
No unauthorized duplication or reproduction without permission
All songs written by Suzy Wilson/Norman Matthew

Suzy Self Titled EP artwork


  1. Wishing
  2. Drama
  3. Need You Tonight
  4. Fun Part Yet?
  5. Not Like You
  6. The Best Revenge

Lead Vocals – Suzy Wilson
Guitars – Dave Coronado/ Taylor Dennis
Bass – Dave Coronado/ Taylor Dennis
Drums – Dave Coronado

Backing & Gang Vocals, Harmonies, etc. : Andy, Jason & Taylor Yohn, Dewey Haggard, Chris Ellington, Suzy & Patrick Wilson, Taylor Dennis

Artwork by Steven Talbott
Recorded at Binary Studios in Houston, Texas
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Coronado
Produced by Suzy Wilson / Dave Coronoado

Suzy Wilson - The Best Revenge artwork

Suzy & The Substitutes Music Player

The Best Revenge (Revisited)

Suzy EP

The Best Revenge EP

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